High Plains Sunflower Production Meetings - March 12 and 13

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The High Plains Sunflower Committee, Kansas State University, and Colorado State University are hosting a series of sunflower production meetings. The dates and locations are Tuesday, March 12, at the Fourwinds Golf Course in Hugoton, Kansas, and Wednesday, March 13, at the Burlington Old Town—east entrance in Burlington, Colorado. Times at both sites will be from 1:00 p.m. to 3 p.m. (Central time for Hugoton and Mountain time for Burlington, CO). The Fourwinds Golf Course is at 958 Hwy 56, Hugoton, Ks.  The Burlington Old Town – east entrance is at 420 S. 14th St, Burlington, Co.

Topics and speakers:

  • Sunflower weed control strategies with Jeanne Falk Jones, K-State Agronomist
  • Insect and disease strategies with Ron Meyer, Colorado State Agronomist
  • Market updates from industry partners
  • Controlling Weeds with Robots with Cameron Peirce, Kansas Sunflower Commission. 

These meetings are free. This program will be available both in person and remotely via Zoom. If you choose to attend remotely, provide your email address when registering, and you will be sent a Zoom link. Certified Crop Advisor Credits will be available for attendees.

Attendees can register online at www.northwest.ksu.edu/events or by contacting Ron Meyer, Colorado State University Extension Specialist, at (719) 346 5571.    


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