Agronomy eUpdate March 7th, 2024

Issue 994

Topdressing wheat with nitrogen fertilizer

Now is a good time to start planning for topdressing nitrogen on wheat, especially with the crop's early green-up this season. Some key elements that must be considered when deciding on the program you plan to use include timing, N source, application method, and N rate.

wheat nitrogen topdress fertilizer 

Pay attention to growth stage for spring herbicide decisions on wheat

Producers should pay close attention to the growth stage of their wheat before making spring herbicide applications. Some herbicides must be applied after tillering, several before jointing, and others can be applied through the boot stage. Weeds are most susceptible to herbicides when at early growth stages.

wheat herbicide growth stage application timing 

Residual herbicides for corn

Residual herbicides that kill weed seeds and/or seedlings as they germinate or emerge are important for herbicide applications at or before corn planting. These herbicides can control weeds for several weeks, which prevents yield loss due to early-season weed competition.

corn weed control pre-emergence residual herbicides 

Tips for safe and successful prescribed burning this spring

The prescribed burning season in Kansas has started. This article discusses reasons for conducting a prescribed burn and ways to have a safe and successful prescribed burn. In addition, there are some online tools and resources that will be useful when planning a prescribed burn.

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Join the CoCoRaHS Network...because every drop counts!

In the weather community, March is the month focused on adding members to each state's CoCoRaHS network. What is CoCoRaHS? It is a citizen-based project where observers measure precipitation at their home or business using a standard, high-quality rain gauge and report their daily totals each morning. It's free and easy! Read this article for more information.

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High Plains Sunflower Production Meetings - March 12 and 13

The High Plains Sunflower Committee, Kansas State University, and Colorado State University are hosting a series of sunflower production meetings. The dates and locations are Tuesday, March 12, in Hugoton, Kansas, and Wednesday, March 13, in Burlington, Colorado. These meetings are free and available in person and remotely via Zoom.

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Central Kansas Forage Update - March 21

All are invited to attend a forage update sponsored by the Kansas Forage and Grassland Council in conjunction with the Mid-America Farm Expo on March 21. The update will feature a hay market review, tips for managing woody encroachment and Old-World Bluestem on rangeland, and a focus on non-traditional forage alternatives and annual legumes.

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Don't miss the last K-State Crop Talk webinar on March 12

The last of the 2024 Crop Talk webinars is set for March 12 from noon to 1:00 p.m. K-State agronomist Dr. Lucas Haag will discuss fallow replacement options in dryland crop rotations. This webinar is free to attend. Please read the article to learn how to register.

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