New K-State 2021 Chemical Weed Control Guide now available online

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One of the most popular K-State Extension publications is here! The 2021 Chemical Weed Control Guide is now available online at:

This publication provides information related to herbicide effectiveness and some use limitations in major crops in Kansas. The use of trade names does not imply endorsement of a particular product, nor does exclusion imply non-approval. Always consult the herbicide label for the most current use requirements.

Herbicides should be used in combination with other weed management practices, including crop rotation, tillage, cover crops, and management practices that enhance crop competitiveness. Available time, labor, equipment, and other costs as well as types of weeds and areas infested need to be considered when planning a weed control program.

Hard copies of this publication will be available soon.



Sarah Lancaster, Weed Management Specialist

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