Interim decision announced regarding atrazine registration review

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Atrazine is a key herbicide for corn and sorghum production and fallow systems (Figure 1). This herbicide has received considerable scrutiny from various groups. Currently, the EPA is conducting a routine registration review as required by the Food Quality Protection Act passed in 1996.

The interim decision from the registration review was released on September 14. This decision will not be finalized until two more assessments are completed: endangered species assessment and endocrine disruptor screening. The deadline for the endangered species assessment is September 28, 2021.

The changes most likely to affect Kansas farmers are primarily related to reducing off-target movement of atrazine. These include:

  • 15 MPH weed speed restriction,
  • 15-foot buffer from edge of streams/rivers and endangered species habitat, and
  • Medium-sized droplets or larger.

Stay tuned to the eUpdate for any future updates related to atrazine or other herbicides.


Figure 1. This plot was treated with atrazine at planting and early post-emergence, staying under the 2.5 lbs per acre per calendar year total application limit. Photo by Sarah Lancaster, K-State Research and Extension.




Sarah Lancaster, Extension Weed Science Specialist

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