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Interim decision announced regarding atrazine registration review

Atrazine is a key herbicide for corn and sorghum production and fallow systems. An interim decision has been recently been released in response to a routine registration review. Read more about how this may affect Kansas farmers in this article.

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EPA seeking public comment on atrazine re-registration review decision

The Environmental Protection Agency has requested public comment on the proposed additional mitigations to reduce potential exposure and risk to aquatic communities from atrazine via runoff from agricultural uses in field corn, sweet corn, sorghum, and sugarcane. Details on how to submit comments are outlined in this article.

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Fall herbicide applications - Atrazine label updates

Fall or early spring herbicide applications are a great proactive weed management strategy to ensure fields “start clean” at planting. Atrazine has historically been an important part of these programs. However, recent changes in atrazine labels mean that it cannot be used in some fall-applied scenarios. Learn more in this article.

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