K-State 2023 Chemical Weed Control Guide now available online

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One of the most popular K-State Extension and Research publications is here!

This publication provides suggestions for chemical weed control in several major crops. Herbicides, when properly used, are one component of an effective weed management program. Tillage, crop competition, cropping rotation, mowing, and fire are additional weed control methods that may be used alone or in combinations. Available time, labor, equipment, and other costs as well as types of weeds and areas infested need to be considered when planning a weed control program. Crop and soil management practices such as planting high-quality seed, planting at the optimum rate and date, and maintaining optimum soil fertility should also be considered. Contact your local Extension agent to answer questions not addressed in the guide.

The 2023 Chemical Weed Control Guide is available online at:


When viewing online file in a web browser or in Adobe, there is access to bookmarks that will guide you to the first page of every section (options vary per program settings and device type).

Hard copies of the books will be available in January. Orders can be placed at https://bookstore.ksre.ksu.edu/Item.aspx?catId=236&pubId=25002


Sarah Lancaster, Extension Weed Science Specialist


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