Integrated Pest Management: New resource to help identify weeds in Kansas

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Agronomists, farmers, extension agents, and agriculture students now have a new resource created by the Kansas State University Integrated Pest Management (IPM) team that is available to help them identify 13 common Kansas weeds.

Frannie Miller, pesticide safety and IPM coordinator, and Sarah Lancaster, agronomy extension weed specialist, came up with the idea of designing a playing card deck after the previous IPM card deck, which was such a success. The card deck provides an innovative resource to teach identification skills in an interactive manner and a way to see the different growth stages of the plant.

Each card suit in the deck visually represents the seed, seedling, flower, and mature plant for each featured weed common in Kansas agriculture production. The booklet provides a description of each weed featured in the card deck.

Card decks cost $10 each and may be ordered online at Select IPM Card Decks, then Weed Identification Card Deck, and fill out the requested information. Get yours while they last!

A group of cards with pictures of plantsDescription automatically generated



Frannie Miller, Pesticide Safety and IPM Coordinator

Sarah Lancaster, Extension Weed Science Specialist

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