2018 Kansas Corn Management Schools

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We are excited to announce the three regional 2018 Corn Management Schools.

Central Kansas: Monday, January 8, Hesston
AGCO building, 420 W. Lincoln Blvd

Western Kansas: Tuesday, January 9, Garden City
Clarion Inn, 1911 E. Kansas Ave.

Eastern Kansas: Thursday, January 11, Leavenworth
The Barn, 17624 Santa Fe Trail

Topics are focused on agronomic practices and research updates. Each school’s sessions are designed to fit the farmers in the region. Topics include:

  • Weed control
  • Production Management
  • Nutrient Management
  • Insect update
  • Disease update
  • Planter technology update
  • Corn marketing and price update
  • Usable Corn Condition Progress Tools

Schools are free to attend thanks to the generous support of DuPont Pioneer and Kansas Corn. Lunch is included, so please pre-register online at: KScorn.com/Cornschool

You can also register with KSRE local extension offices.

Hesston School:

Ryan Flaming, Harvey County, flaming@ksu.edu 316-284-6930
Zach Simon, Sedgwick County, zsimon@ksu.edu 316-660-0153
Darren Busick, Reno County, darrenbusick@ksu.edu 620-662-2371
Jake Renner, Kingman County, jwrenner@ksu.edu 620-532-5131
David Kehler, Butler County, dkehler@ksu.edu 316-321-9660
Rickey Roberts, Marion County, rroberts@ksu.edu 620-382-2325
Shad Marston, McPherson County, smarston@ksu.edu 620-241-1523

Garden City School:

AJ Foster, Southwest Area Crops and Soils Specialist; anserdj@ksu.edu
Andrea Burns, Ford County, aburns@ksu.edu, 620-227-4542
Kurt Werth, Grey County, kwerth@ksu.edu, 620-855-3821
Lacey Noterman, Haskell County, lnote@ksu.edu, 620-675-2261
Bill Haney, Kearny County, haney@ksu.edu, 620-355-6551
John Beckman, Scott County, jbeckman@ksu.edu, 620-872-2930

Leavenworth School:

Karol Lohman, Leavenworth County, klohman@ksu.edu, 913-364-5700
Jessica Barnett, Johnson County, Jessica.barnett@jocogov.org 913-715-7000
David Hallauer, Meadowlark District, dhallaue@ksu.edu, 785-863-2212
Ray Ladd, Atchinson County, clad@ksu.edu 913-833-5450
Roberta Wyckoff, Douglas County, rwyckoff@ksu.edu, 785-843-7058
Leroy Russell, Shawnee County, lrussell@ksu.edu, 785-232-0062
Darren Hibdon, Frontier District, dhibdon@ksu.edu, 785-229-3520
Abbie Powell, Marais des Cygnes District, abbie2@ksu.edu, 913-795-2829


For more information, contact:

Stacy Mayo-Martinez, Kansas Corn Director of Industry Relations

Ignacio A. Ciampitti, Crop Production & Cropping Systems Specialist