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Grain sorghum yield potential: An on-farm calculation

Estimating crop yields before harvest can be variable, but producers often like to know about the potential yield of their crops. As the sorghum crop gets closer to full maturity, yield estimates will be more accurate because the seed weight will be closer to being set.

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Entry to the National Wheat Yield Contest is open

Every year, the National Wheat Foundation promotes a National Wheat Yield Contest, with winners coming from many states, and often from Kansas. Entering is easy and must be done by May 15 for winter wheat, although you are encouraged to enter by April 15 to get into an early entry prize drawing.

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2023 National Sorghum Yield Contest - Entry deadline Nov. 15

National Sorghum Producers is accepting entries for the 2023 National Sorghum Yield Contest. State and national winners are selected from contestants split into east and west regions for each division, which includes irrigated, dryland no-till, dryland tillage, and one overall winner for food grade. The entry deadline is November 15.

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Soybean yield potential estimation

Estimating soybean yields will provide an opportunity to obtain a more reliable prediction of yields and to scout fields for associated issues before harvest, such as insects, diseases, and other potential production problems. The effects of the current heat wave can be assessed in the coming week in order to obtain a more precise estimate.

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