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Learn how to estimate corn yield potential

Once tasseling, silking, and pollination are complete, or nearly complete, producers can begin to estimate corn yield potential. To get a reasonable yield estimate, corn should be in the milk, dough, or dent stage. Learn how to get an early estimate of yield potential in this article.

corn yield potential yield estimates 

Estimating soybean yield potential

Many producers like to estimate the yield potential of their soybeans well before reaching the end of the season. Estimating final yield in soybeans before harvest can be a tedious task, but a simplified method can be used for just a basic yield estimate.

soybeans yield potential yield estimates 

Grain sorghum yield potential: Understanding the main yield components

In order to best estimate the yield potential of grain sorghum, you need to understand the main plant components of sorghum yield. These components are the main yield-driving factors. Learn about these factors and the roles they play in determining final grain sorghum yields.

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Soybean yield potential estimation

With most Kansas soybean fields already in reproductive stages, it is time to start assessing yield potential from those fields. Estimating final yield before harvest can be a very tedious task, but a simplified method using yield components can be applied to start setting yield expectations.

soybeans yield potential yield estimates