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Spring freeze effects on winter canola

Several factors determine the extent of freeze damage to winter canola during the spring. It is most tolerant in the early stages of growth and most vulnerable in the flowering and pod-filling stages. Read more about the risk of damage to this year's crop.

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Exceptional winter canola yields observed in 2021

Winter canola yields attained superior levels at testing sites in Kansas in 2021. Dense canopies, filled with an abundance of seed pods and flowering late into the growing season, were witnessed at multiple locations. Careful variety selection is very important for successful winter canola production.

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Should you be concerned about winterkill in winter canola?

Questions have arisen about the status of the winter canola crop in Kansas. This article discusses the various weather conditions that have occurred across the canola-growing region and what the resulting impacts may be as we enter the last half of the winter season.

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Topdressing canola: How to maximize the benefits

To maximize the yield potential of winter canola, producers should topdress with nitrogen, sulfur, and possibly boron in the winter. Producers should make topdress applications with consideration for the environmental conditions, the nutrients needed, and the application method.

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Army cutworm reaching treatment thresholds in winter canola

With the onset of warmer temperatures, winter canola is breaking dormancy and army cutworms are now present in fields across Kansas. Significant army cutworm pressure has been observed in some areas of Kansas. Learn about the treatment thresholds and the correct insecticides for control in this article.

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2021 National Winter Canola Variety Trial results

The results of the 2021 National Winter Canola Variety Trial (NWCVT) are now available online. The objectives of the NWCVT are to evaluate the performance of released and experimental varieties, determine where these varieties are best adapted, and increase the visibility of winter canola across the United States.

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Winter canola planting considerations

Winter canola varieties exist today that make production possible across much of Kansas. The planting window for canola arrives in Kansas by early September. This article discusses the most critical planting aspects ranging from variety selection to site selection and seedbed preparation.

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Winter canola management considerations

The planting window for winter canola is around the corner. In this article, we outline the most critical management factors, ranging from seeding rates and planting depth to insect and disease management. Learn how to ensure a good stand heading into winter.

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After a rough start this fall, what factors influence the survival of winter canola?

Winter canola planting conditions in fall 2022 were more challenging than in recent years. Continual drought is impacting all corners of the state and in particular south-central Kansas where most canola is planted. How could dry soils and late emergence affect the winter survival of canola this year?

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What factors influence the survival of winter canola?

In last week’s eUpdate, we have discussed the impact of delayed emergence on canola winter survival. This week, we examine a few other factors that can influence winter survival. Winter survival is complicated as stand losses can be caused by one or more abiotic and biotic stresses.

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