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2021 spring wildfire outlook for Kansas

The spring wildfire season in Kansas typically runs from February to April and can be highly variable. The 2020 fire season was below average. What can we expect for 2021?

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Updated 2021 spring wildfire outlook for Kansas

The Kansas fire season typically runs from February through April, although large fires were recorded for every month last year. The outlook for the spring wildfire season in Kansas is discussed in this article K-State scientists and the Kansas Forest Service.

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Be aware of fire weather conditions during prescribed burning season

The prescribed burning season in Kansas has started. However, dry conditions in Kansas, along with adequate fuel, increases the chances of wildfire when coupled with warm temperatures, high winds, and low humidity. Learn when not to burn and how to plan a safe prescribed burn.

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Spring 2022 Wildfire Outlook for Kansas - Be prepared!

Spring is a time where prescribed burning is common in Kansas. It is also peak wildfire season across the state. Current conditions favor an active spring for wildfires. This article will provide some proactive measures to be sure you are prepared.

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Tips for having a safe and successful prescribed burn this spring

The prescribed burning season in Kansas has started. With the potential for wildland fire being above normal for parts of Kansas, it's very important to take proper precautions when undertaking a prescribed burn. This article will discuss how to help ensure a safe and successful prescribed burn.

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Management following a wildfire

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Protecting your home from wildfire

Wildfires have always been part of the Kansas landscape. As the rural population increases, so does the need to protect life and property from wildfire. While rural fire departments provide this protection to life and property, recent years have increasingly seen fires that exceed the ability of even the best fire departments to control, quickly creating a situation where fire­fighters simply cannot defend every threatened structure. Learn about the steps to create “defensible space” begin inside your home and move out from there.

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Fire season outlook for 2022-2023

Large fires have already occurred in Kanss this fall. However, the official start of Kansas fire season is typically considered a few days following the first freeze. The beginning of this week (Oct.16-17) featured the first freeze statewide and most of the vegetation/fuels are now available. There are some factors to consider about the upcoming fire season in Kansas.

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Kansas fire season is here

Wildfire season in Kansas is here. Conditions into spring will become increasingly conducive for wildfires in the western Flint Hills and central/western Kansas. Wildfires are a real risk for Kansas even with recent moisture. It's ijmportant to take proper precautions to prevent fire starts and limit fire spread.

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Tips for safe and successful prescribed burning this spring

The prescribed burning season in Kansas has started. This article discusses reasons for conducting a prescribed burn and ways to have a safe and successful prescribed burn when much of the state in a heightened state for wildfires. There are also some online tools and resources that will be useful when planning a prescribed burn.

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Learn the difference between fire weather watches and red flag warnings

This year has had a slow start to fire season across the state. Fire weather concerns have been marginal and there have been fewer than normal large fires across the state. However, conditions are changing as several wind events are forecasted for the coming days combined with very dry air. It's important to understand the different types of fire weather products issued by the National Weather Service.

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The 2024 Kansas fire season is here

The start of 2024 has been quiet wildfire-wise across Kansas. However, fire season is here for the Central Plains. Take this opportunity to refresh your situational awareness resources and prepare to be ready should there be a wildfire near you. Wildfires are a real risk for Kansans, even with recent moisture.

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Burn bans and red flag warnings in Kansas

Wildfires in the central and southern Great Plains have been major news lately. Fires in the Texas panhandle have consumed over 1 million acres. In addition, wildfires have also occurred in Oklahoma and Kansas. Always check out weather forecasts if you plan to conduct a prescribed burn.

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