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Weed management practices: Fall scouting for weeds

Weeds that escape control by in-season management practices can cause several problems at harvest and in future growing seasons.

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Using game theory to understand social aspects of weed management decisions

Game theory is an economic tool that can be used to understand decision making in circumstances where uncertainty exists. This article examines the outcomes when applying game theory to farmers' decisions related to soybean weed management.

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Spring freeze effects on weed management

The recent cold weather have prompted concerns about the effectiveness of burndown herbicide applications. Will herbicide applications made in recent days be effective? Here are some factors that could influence the outcome on your farm.

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Weed management practices: Fall scouting and equipment cleaning

Weed management encompasses more than controlling actively growing weeds. Farmers can be proactive to help prevent the future spread of weeds. Two different management practices are discussed in this article: fall scouting for weed escapes and equipment cleaning.

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War Against Weeds podcast kicks off fourth season

Season 4 of the War on Weeds podcast has officially launched! If you haven't already, check out this free podcast hosted by weed scientists in Kansas, Missouri, and North Dakota. There are over 60 episodes available and more on the way!

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