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Update on drought conditions and the 3-month fall outlook

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August 2018 weather summary for Kansas - Change in patterns

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Kansas climate patterns: Earliest snowfall and first snowfall dates since 1950

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The creeping trends of a changing climate

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Kansas weather summary for December 2018 - Wet beginning and end


Kansas weather highlights for 2018


Ag-Climate Update for January 2019 - New look and features


Learn about the new monthly Kansas Ag-Climate Update


Spring weather outlook for Kansas

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Updated resources on the Kansas Climate website


Wheat planting conditions: Late-September 2019

What are the current soil conditions across the wheat-growing regions of KS? What is the short-term weather outlook? Find out more here.

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November weather in like a lion

Just like March, November came in like a lion with very cold temps. What factors played a role in this weather pattern? Will it warm up before winter officially arrives? What is the updated outlook going into December? Our K-State weather team addresses these questions in this article.

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The latest winter weather outlook for Kansas is here

For the winter season, the Climate Prediction Center looks at the average outlook for December, January, and February. The latest winter climate outlook (and last before winter begins) was issued on November 21st. What is expected for this winter season in Kansas?

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Kansas Climate Summary for 2019 - A wet year

The Kansas Climate Summary for 2019 offers a summary of the precipitation, temperature, severe weather, and drought status for Kansas. Overall, 2019 will be remembered as a wet year, with an increase in severe weather events.

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Kansas weather highlights for each month of 2019

How well do you remember key weather events that impacted Kansas during 2019? When was the Linwood tornado? What month saw record rainfall? When did the "bomb cyclone" strike Kansas? This article offers a short weather summary for each month in 2019.


March weather outlook and looking beyond to Spring

Will this spring be cool and wet? How about warm and dry? Only time will tell for sure, but our specialists in the Kansas Climate Office offer their interpretations of the newly released 3-month outlook and what it may mean for Kansas.

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Record-setting rainfall for southeast Kansas - How wet is it?

It has been quite some time since farmers in southeast Kansas have wished for rain. Just how wet has it been down in that corner of the state? Records have been broken and new ones have been set!

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Become a volunteer weather reporter in Kansas - Join the CoCoRaHS Network

The weather affects everyone. Have you ever wondered just exactly how much rain you received? Join the CoCoRaHS Network and be an active participant in weather recording in Kansas!

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Resources for weather education at home - All ages and skill levels

School classrooms are closed. The spring Storm Spotter training was cancelled. What do we do for weather education?? The National Weather Service has a number of products available for a wide range of age groups, interest levels, and expertise.

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How do soil temperatures for 2020 compare to historical averages for Kansas?

This article discusses soil temperature climatology (30-year average) and how 2020 compares to the climate normal for Kansas. Climate "normals" provide a valuable historical perspective to help us understand current weather.

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Summer weather outlook for Kansas

For most of Kansas, May has brought cooler-than-normal temperatures. With summer officially starting in roughly one month, what can we expect in terms of heat and rainfall? Will the drought in parts of KS persist or improve? Read more from the Kansas State Climate Team.

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Just how much rain qualifies as a toad-strangler?

Are you familiar with the term "toad-strangler"? It means a very heavy rain - enough to strangle a toad. On May 15, several location in parts of eastern and central KS experienced this kind of rainfall event. Read more in this article from several Agronomy Extension specialists.

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Kansas weather: Early June heat, drought...repeat?

The first week of June has been unusually warm all across Kansas. But, how unusual is it and where does June 2020 rank in the record books? How long will it last? Read more about this hot start to June in this article.

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Ag-Climate Update for May 2020

The Ag-Climate Update is a joint effort between our climate and extension specialists. Every month the update includes a brief summary of that month, agronomic impacts, relevant maps and graphs, 1-month temperature and precipitation outlooks, monthly extremes, and notable highlights.

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Update on drought conditions in Kansas - June 23, 2020

While portions of Kansas did get significant rainfall in the last week, other areas remain dry with expansion of drought status in many locations. Read more about the drought status for Kansas and what to expect for moisture and temperatures as we head into July.

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Ag-Climate Update for June 2020

Here's a recap of the weather experienced across Kansas during the month of June. The Ag-Climate Update is a joint effort between our climate and extension specialists. It includes a brief summary of that month, agronomic impacts, relevant maps and graphs, 1-month temperature and precipitation outlooks, monthly extremes, and notable highlights.

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June 2020 in Kansas: One big hot wind

While windy days in Kansas are certainly common, June is historically one of the lighter wind months. This was not the case for June 2020. Sustained winds were above average for most of June for much of the state. What conditions were driving these winds? Read more here from the KS Climate team.

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Kansas weather - Early fall 2020 outlook

The first outlooks for early Fall 2020 in Kansas have been released. What can we expect as we look toward August, September, and October in terms of rainfall and temperatures? Learn what the early predictions are in this article from the Kansas Climate Team.

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Update on the fall weather outlook for Kansas - August 6, 2020

The fall weather outlook can be complex and is reliant on many various patterns across the globe. Many changes in regions outside the United States impact our persistent patterns.What weather pattern is most likely for Kansas this fall?

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Ag-Climate Update for July 2020

The Ag-Climate Update is a joint effort between our climate and extension specialists. The update includes a brief summary of that month, agronomic impacts, relevant maps and graphs, 1-month temperature and precipitation outlooks, monthly extremes, and notable highlights.

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Ag-Climate Update for August 2020

The month of August was dry for all divisions across Kansas. The lack of moisture had negative impacts on dryland corn. Read more about the August weather impacts in the latest Ag-Climate Update.

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Ag-Climate Update for September 2020

The month of September was much drier than normal, with all districts averaging less than average for the month. Read more about the September weather and associated agronomic impacts in the Ag-Climate Update.

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What does a La Nina winter mean for Kansas?

You may have heard the terms El Nino and La Nina in discussions about weather patterns. What do these terms mean and how do they help predict future climate forecasts for Kansas? Learn more in this article from the Kansas Mesonet team.

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Ag-Climate Update for October 2020

October 2020 in Kansas was much drier than normal. It ranked as the 11th driest October since 1985. For more weather and climate insights from October, check out the Ag-Climate Update.

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Update on drought conditions in Kansas - December 4, 2020

Heavy precipitation in some areas of Kansas resulted in some improvement in the drought status. Other areas that missed the rain declined or stayed the same. What is the outlook for the next 2 weeks in KS? Learn more in this article.

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Kansas Ag-Climate Update for November 2020

The November Ag-Climate Update is here and recaps the weather events and impacts over the course of November. This article offers a brief summary with a link to the full 2-page online resource.

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Kansas Mesonet has wind chill analysis at your fingertips

The wind always seems to blow in Kansas and in winter, this wind can make the cold temperatures feel colder. Monitor the wind chill in your area with this tool from the Kansas Mesonet.

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Kansas Ag-Climate Update for December 2020

The December Ag-Climate offers a summary of the weather and climate impacts across Kansas. This publication is a collaborative effort between climate and extension specialists.

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Look back at Kansas weather for each month of 2020

This article offers a quick highlight reel of the significant weather events that occurred over each month of 2020 for Kansas. Do you remember them all?

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Kansas Ag-Climate Update for January 2021

The first month of 2021 brought wide swings in both temperature and precipitation across Kansas. Read more about where January 2021 falls in the record books and the agronomic impacts across the state.

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Kansas Ag-Climate Update for February 2021

February 2021 in Kansas was one for the record books! While you probably don't want to relive it, the Ag-Climate Update for February offers a summary of the severity and potential agronomic impacts associated with last month's weather for Kansas farmers.

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Join the CoCoRaHS Network...because every drop counts!

Join a community-based network of volunteers of all ages and backgrounds and become a weather reporter! The Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, and Snow Network, or CoCoRaHS, dedicates March for its annual recruitment drive. Learn more in this article. Every drop counts!

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A classic March wind storm in Kansas

This last week in March started out with significant wind across Kansas. While wind is not unusual during the spring months in Kansas, how windy did it get? What will the month of April bring to Kansas? Read more here in this article.

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Kansas Mesonet adds a new tool for tracking days between rainfall events

The Kansas Mesonet is always working to expand its "toolbox" for Kansas farmers and other agricultural professionals. They have released a new feature that tracks the number of days since a rainfall event. This information will prove useful for monitoring the activation of chemicals, assessing crop performance, and more.

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Kansas Ag-Climate Update for March 2021

The Ag-Climate Update for March is here! The month of March started out dry for most of the state, but by the end had rebounded to being well above average for all regions. What will April bring? Read this update to find out!

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Learn the facts about lightning and how to stay safe

As summer thunderstorm season approaches, make sure you know the facts about how lightning can travel. Learn the best strategies for keeping safe, including what to do if you are working outside in a remote area with no immediate access to a safe structure.

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Does a quiet April mean a quiet tornado season in Kansas?

The spring tornado season is Kansas has been quiet so far. Does a quiet April give any clues about what the rest of the spring and summer will bring to Kansas? Learn more in this article from the K-State Weather and Climate team.

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Kansas Ag-Climate Update for April 2021

April in Kansas brought cool, dry conditions for many regions. The Ag-Climate Update for April includes a brief summary of this past month, discusses relevant agronomic impacts, and looks ahead to June.

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Summer weather outlook for Kansas - May 20, 2021

As a cooler-than-normal May comes to a close, what is the outlook for the summer months in Kansas? The Climate Prediction Center has released its 3-month summer outlook. The summer outlook for Kansas is explained in this article from the K-State Agronomy climate team.

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Kansas Ag-Climate Update for May 2021

By the end of May, 97 percent of Kansas was drought-free. Severe weather tried to make up for a slow start with 34 reports of tornadoes and 159 hail events. Get the full Ag-Climate Update for May in Kansas by following the link in this article.

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Kansas Ag-Climate Update for June 2021

The month of June in Kansas was generally warm and dry for most regions. For a complete summary of the June weather and its impacts on agriculture in Kansas, check out the June Ag-Climate Update.

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Summer is a great time to join the CoCoRaHS Network...because every drop counts!

When rain falls in Kansas during the summer, it's usually a big deal. You can measure and report this rainfall in your own backyard! To learn more about becoming a volunteer observer in Kansas, please read this article from Mary Knapp, Assistant State Climatologist for Kansas.

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Kansas Ag-Climate Update for July 2021

The month of July was drier than normal on average for Kansas. Some areas in the southeast were particularly wet however. Statewide average temperature was cooler than normal which slowed down changes in the US Drought Monitor. The July Ag-Climate discusses the associated agronomic impacts of July's weather.

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Kansas Ag-Climate Update for August 2021

The month of August brought mostly warm and dry conditions for Kansas, with some isolated areas of heavy rain. The dry weather stressed corn, sorghum, and soybeans in many regions. Read about all the agronomic impacts in the Ag-Climate Update for August 2021.

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Kansas Ag-Climate Update for September 2021

The month of September was warmer than normal for Kansas. Globally, this was the 2nd warmest September on record. Will October be cooler? Read more about the weather and climate impacts from the last month in the Ag-Climate Update.

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Some areas in Kansas are still waiting for the first freeze

Several locations across Kansas have passed 200 days since recording freezing temperatures. For some of these places, this will set the record for the latest freeze. Learn more about the climatology of late freezes and the impacts of extended growing seasons in this article.

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Kansas Ag-Climate Update for October 2021

The Ag-Climate Update for October is here! On average, October 2021 was warmer than normal across Kansas. Rainfall was split, with more falling in eastern Kansas. Learn more about the agronomic impacts of last month's weather in this latest Ag-Climate Update.

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Kansas experiences a warm start to winter

A very warm finish to November carried over into December across most of Kansas. Since Thanksgiving, 111 maximum temperature records have been broken in Kansas. Can Kansans expect more unseasonably warm weather for the rest of the winter? Learn more in this article from KSU meteorologist Chip Redmond.

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Kansas Ag-Climate Update for November 2021

The November Ag-Climate Update includes a brief summary of that month, agronomic impacts, relevant maps and graphs, 1-month temperature and precipitation outlooks, monthly extremes, and notable highlights.

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Look back at the significant weather events in Kansas during 2021

This article offers a quick month-by-month glimpse at the significant weather events across Kansas in 2021. Our state saw many low temperature records get broken, abnormally cool summer temperatures, and a later than normal fall freeze to name a few. What else happened in 2021?

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