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Extension question: Can I garden on top of my septic system?

Springtime is getting closer and thoughts may be turning to gardening. This article answers a recent extension question about putting a vegetable garden overtop a residential septic system. Learn more about proper care when maintaining a septic system.

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Soil Management: On-site wastewater treatment systems

For new home builders in rural areas in particular, selecting the location of the onsite wastewater system is not often the first thing they think about. It is important to give that some consideration early in the planning process. The location, size of the home, and type of system can vary greatly in cost.

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On-site wastewater systems: Tips to avoid system failure

Last week, the eUpdate featured an article on the two main on-site wastewater treatment systems - septic systems and lagoon ponds. While wastewater systems can last many years with proper maintenance, on occasion those systems will fail. Learn about what steps you can take to ensure good system function in this article.

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