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Southeast Kansas 2020 wheat variety test results

The Kansas State University Crop Performance Tests were conducted in replicated research fields throughout the state.This report summarizes winter wheat production (hard-red and soft-red varieties) for Parsons, Kansas.

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2021 wheat variety fall forage yield comparison

Fall forage yield is an important aspect of dual-purpose wheat production. While weather and management practices are two main factors affecting fall forage yield, there are differences among varieties with respect to fall forage potential.

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2020 National Winter Canola Variety Trial results

The 2020 National Winter Canola Variety Trial results are now available. These trials evaluate the performance of released and experimental varieties, determine where these varieties are best adapted, and increase the visibility of winter canola across the United States.

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Exceptional winter canola yields observed in 2021

Winter canola yields attained superior levels at testing sites in Kansas in 2021. Dense canopies, filled with an abundance of seed pods and flowering late into the growing season, were witnessed at multiple locations. Careful variety selection is very important for successful winter canola production.

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2020 Kansas Summer Annual Forage Hay and Silage Variety Trial final report

In 2020, summer annual forage variety trials were conducted across Kansas near Garden City, Hays, and Scandia. All sites evaluated hay and silage entries. Breeders, marketers, and producers use data collected from the trials to make informed variety selections.

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