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New Kansas Mesonet tool for estimating wheat growth stage

Winter wheat in Kansas is beginning to break dormancy. The Kansas Mesonet has introduced a new tool to help track the wheat crop development. Learn how to access this new resource and how to best use it's many features.

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Kansas Mesonet adds a new tool for tracking days between rainfall events

The Kansas Mesonet is always working to expand its "toolbox" for Kansas farmers and other agricultural professionals. They have released a new feature that tracks the number of days since a rainfall event. This information will prove useful for monitoring the activation of chemicals, assessing crop performance, and more.

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Soil Health Matrix Decision Tool: A new free tool for producers

There is a new option in the toolbox for producers looking to implement a new soil health practice. The Soil Health Matrix Decision Tool is a free tool that was recently developed by the Soil Health Nexus and a regional advisory team with support from the North Central Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program. It is designed to assess the effects of current and future management practices on soil health. Producers can use this comparative tool to get an overall feel for practices that benefit soil health and learn which management decisions may be the best fit for their operation.

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Crop water allocator designed to help farmers with limited water

K-State water resources engineer Jonathan Aguilar outlines the benefits of the crop water allocator as a helpful tool for farmers during drought. This tool is available through K-State Mobile Irrigation Lab and can help farmers customize a business plan for using available water.

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Kansas Mesonet has improved evapotranspiration estimates

The Kansas Mesonet strives to provide tools that improve field decisions and hopefully extend water resources for producers. The latest upgrade involves a tool for estimating evapotranspiration. This is an important output variable for making irrigation decisions, particularly during drought. Don't miss out on learning about this free resource!

weather Mesonet tool evapotranspiration