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Wheat planting - Tips for good stand establishment

There are several steps that wheat producers can take to help improve their chances of achieving good wheat stands. Read more in this article from wheat specialist, Dr. Romulo Lollato.

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Soil temperature and forecast are critical for successful cotton stand establishment

Cotton producers in Kansas are nearing planting time. However, it's best to look at soil temperatures at the planting depth and the upcoming forecast rather than the calendar date. Seed germination and early growth is highly dependent on adequate soil temperatures and moisture.

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After a better start in 2023, what factors influence the survival of winter canola?

Winter canola planting conditions were much improved in the fall of 2023. While much of central Kansas remains at some level of drought intensity, the majority of the canola crop was seeded following timely rains, leading to optimum growth. Rapid and timely emergence is critical for attaining the right amount of growth before winter.

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