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Managing spring-planted cover crops for grazing

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Soil temperature and moisture update in Kansas - March 20, 2020

Spring is here but is it time to get seed in the ground for the 2020 growing season? Selection of the optimal planting date is a critical decision. What factors should be considered? Read more here in this article from Cropping Production specialist, Dr. Ciampitti.

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Be patient as spring planting approaches: Soil temperature and moisture update

Selection of the optimal planting date is one of the most important decisions for farmers. When deciding to fire up the planter, producers should consider soil temperatures rather than just calendar dates. Planting too early can cause problems as the season progresses.

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Soil temperature and moisture update in Kansas - April 1, 2021

Soil temperatures across Kansas are warming up as the month of April begins. Be sure to monitor soil temperatures in your area to ensure the best seed germination and stand establishment for your spring-planted row crops.

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Starter fertilizer for corn - Nitrogen placement and rate

Starter fertilizer is typically considered as the placement of a small rate of fertilizer, usually nitrogen and phosphorus, near the seed at planting time. Producers can apply most of the nitrogen needed by corn at planting as long as the fertilizer placement provides enough soil separation between the fertilizer and the seed.

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Spring planting update - Soil temperature and moisture

Planting date is one of the most critical factors to decide on for row crops such as corn and soybean. Rather than just calendar dates, please consider basing this decision on soil temperature and moisture. Optimal soil temperatures for the emergence of row crops indicate a minimum of 50 degrees F for appropriate corn germination and early growth.

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Update on soil conditions and growing degree days this spring

The first half of April means that planters in some areas of Kansas have started rolling out. This article looks at soil temperatures, soil moisture, and growing degree day accumulation for the year. The upcoming forecast for Kansas is also presented.

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