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What factors should be considered before baling or burning wheat residue?

Following wheat harvest some producers might be thinking about baling or burning their wheat stubble. Factors to consider include loss of nutrients, protection from erosion, soil moisture and infiltration rates, and soil quality concerns.

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Check terraces now for needed repairs and maintenance

Over 9 million acres of land in Kansas is protected by more than 290,000 miles of terraces, making it second in the U.S. for this conservation practice. Repairs and upkeep are sometimes needed to keep these structures performing well.

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Consider the value of soil residue before baling or burning wheat stubble

Following wheat harvest some producers may consider burning or baling their wheat stubble. There are four main factors to consider before taking any action that removes residue from the soil surface. Understanding the true value of leaving crop residue in place can help producers decide what is best for their system.

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