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Severe weather preparedness during COVID-19

Regardless of the current COVID-19 situation, people should be prepared for a severe weather outbreak. What adjustments might be needed if social distancing is in place during a tornado warning? Read more here!

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The 2020 tornado season is off to a slow start

Kansas has yet to record a tornado touchdown for 2020. Is this significant? When did Kansas last see a late start to the tornado season? Read more in this article from the Kansas State Climate Team.

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2020 Kansas severe weather: One for the record books

The 2020 severe weather season for Kansas was one for the record books, but not what you might expect. 2020 broke records for having the least amount of certain severe weather incidents. Read this article to learn more.

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Does a quiet April mean a quiet tornado season in Kansas?

The spring tornado season is Kansas has been quiet so far. Does a quiet April give any clues about what the rest of the spring and summer will bring to Kansas? Learn more in this article from the K-State Weather and Climate team.

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Look back at the significant weather events in Kansas during 2021

This article offers a quick month-by-month glimpse at the significant weather events across Kansas in 2021. Our state saw many low temperature records get broken, abnormally cool summer temperatures, and a later than normal fall freeze to name a few. What else happened in 2021?

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Assessing hail damage to corn

Severe thunderstorms and hail are nothing new to Kansas farmers. During this time of year, the threat level is high and parts of Kansas have already seen some destructive hail events in July. Many questions arise after hail events about the status of field crops. This article covers how to assess hail damage to corn.

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