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Wheat harvest: Identifying disease problems and setting harvest priorities

As we begin harvest across the state, we wanted to provide some reminders about diseases that may affect either grain quality or the viability of grain that is destined to be saved for seed.

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Managing low-quality wheat seed

Seed quality can be impacted by certain diseases that were prevalent during the growing season. Producers should take certain steps when sowing lower quality wheat to help achieve a good stand.

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Effect of heat and drought during grain fill on wheat seed quality

Wheat that has been stressed by drought and extreme heat can have seed quality concerns. Drought conditions were prolonged in many areas of Kansas through most of the winter and spring in 2022, causing stress to plants through early grain filling stages. In addition, extreme heat occurred during the four-day period of May 9-12, which coincided with boot, flowering, pollination, and early grain fill stages depending on the area within Kansas.

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Accelerated Aging test on seed for emergence vigor

Beyond the standard germination test, most professional seed testing labs offer an Accelerated Aging (AA) test that will test seed for anticipated emergence vigor. This test is very capable of identifying weak seed lots where there are issues with Fusarium head scab; heating in the bin; or smaller, development-stressed seed.

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Soil temperature, weather forecast, and seed quality are critical for cotton establishment

When cotton gets off to a good, uniform start, the crop can overcome many stresses and produce profitable lint yields. When is the best time to plant cotton in Kansas? This article discusses the importance of soil temperature at planting, the forecasted weather, and seed quality when trying to achieve good establishment.

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