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Pre-harvest weed control in wheat

Drought and late freezes have impacted wheat stands in many areas across Kansas this year. As a results, weeds are showing up and taking advantage of thin wheat stands. What are the best options for weed control at this point in the season?

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Pre-harvest weed control in wheat

Herbicide applications that will not directly influence crop yield can be a tough choice to make. There are some indirect benefits to pre-harvest herbicide applications in wheat, especially in fields with a high weed density. Learn more about this management practice in this article.

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Pre-harvest weed control in wheat

Making a herbicide application that will not directly influence crop yield is a difficult decision to make. Such is the case with pre-harvest weed control applications to wheat fields. However, pre-harvest applications may be beneficial, especially in wheat fields with short or thin stands or fields that were not treated earlier in the season. When broadleaf weeds grow rapidly at the end of the growing season, several potential concerns arise such as harvest difficulties, dockage problems, weed seed production, and soil water depletion.

wheat weed control pre-harvest