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Extension Weed Science launches a new podcast on battling weeds

Weed Science Extension specialists have teamed up to launch a new podcast about the ongoing fight to control weeds. The first episode of "War Against Weeds" is available online with more episodes to follow. Check it out!

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Weed Management Podcast Wrapping up Third Season

Season three of “War Against Weeds” podcast is on going adding eleven new episodes since January. Season three episodes have included topics that range from kochia biology and management to the influence of the Endangered Species Act enforcement on weed management.  Episodes remaining for season three include an update on herbicide resistant weed research and a discussion about using drones for weed management. Episodes are approximately 30 minutes long and free to access. They are posted at

weed control podcast War on Weeds 

War Against Weeds podcast kicks off fourth season

Season 4 of the War on Weeds podcast has officially launched! If you haven't already, check out this free podcast hosted by weed scientists in Kansas, Missouri, and North Dakota. There are over 60 episodes available and more on the way!

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Feedback requested about the War Against Weeds podcast

Have you listened to any of the War on Weeds podcast? If so, your help is requested to help the creators make improvements in the future. Please consider participating in a short, 5-minute survey about the podcast. This article also includes the link to the podcast if you want to catch some past episodes.

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New episodes of the War Against Weeds podcast address timely issues for farmers

Season five of the popular War Against Weeds podcast is well underway. In response to recent questions from farmers, the two newest episodes take a closer look at the emphasis the Environmental Protection Agency is putting on the Endangered Species Act with respect to pesticide use. Check out the new season!

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War Against Weeds podcast enters its sixth season this fall

The War on Weeds podcast has officially kicked off its sixth season. There are over 90 past episodes that can be accessed for free. Topics for season six include weed management on rangelands, harvest weed seed control practices, site-specific herbicide applications, and more.

weed control podcast War on Weeds