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Sericea lespedeza control in rangeland, pasture, and CRP

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Fertilization of tall fescue and smooth bromegrass pastures and hayfields

There is still time to apply fertilizer to tall fescue and smooth bromegrass meadows and pastures. The amount and timing of application depends on several factors. Read about those factors and other consideration in this article.

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Considerations for Pasture Turn-out

It has been a late spring in 2022 across most of Kansas. Lack of fall and winter moisture has delayed plant growth this spring. Now the question is when should I turn-out livestock on my pastures? Historically, this decision has been referred to as range readiness, especially on seasonally grazed pastures. Range readiness occurs when plants have had the opportunity to make good growth and grazing may begin without damage to the vegetation or soil. As pastures start to green-up the temptation is to start grazing as soon as possible. Initially, plants use stored food reserves to start growth. Read more about how to make the best decision for your pastures and livestock considerations.

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Learn to identify rangeland and pasture grasses of Kansas

A recently revised publication that serves as comprehensive identification guide for range and pasture grasses in Kansas is available to purchase or as a free download. The publication, "Rangeland and Pasture Grasses of Kansas", was written by Dr. Walt Fick, professor and extension specialist in range management

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