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Review of herbicide label requirements: Paraquat

This article is the second in a series reviewing unique or updated label requirements for key herbicides. Paraquat is the active ingredient in the herbicide Gramaxone SL 2.0 and others. When handled carefully, paraquat is an effective weed management tool that would be difficult to replace in terms of effectiveness on hard-to-control species like pigweeds.

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Opportunities for on-line training certification for dicamba and paraquat

For producers that intend to use Xtend cotton or soybean in 2020, you will need to have an additional dicamba-specific certification to apply dicamba-containing products labeled for use in these crops. Online training is available.

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2021 Kansas training information for paraquat and dicamba

This article covers frequently asked questions associated with paraquat and dicamba trainings for the state of Kansas in 2021.

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Paraquat: What you need to know for use in 2022

Paraquat is a restricted use herbicide that was first commercialized in the 1960s and is one of the most widely applied herbicides in the United States. This article discusses recent changes made by the EPA in 2021 regarding the proper use of this herbicide.

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