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Nutrient availability in poultry manure

Poultry litter can provide a significant and important supply of nutrients for crop production in areas of Kansas where a supply of litter is available. Get answers to common questions regarding the nutrient availability in poultry litter in this article.

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Key nutrients for soybean production in Kansas

Soybeans, particularly high-yielding varieties, remove significant amounts of available soil nutrients per bushel of grain harvested. As the crop matures, adequate amounts are needed in each growth stage. Learn which nutrients are the most critical to soybean production in Kansas.

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Calculating the value of poultry litter and proper storage considerations

The use of poultry litter can contribute to reducing the cost of fertilizer inputs for many operations, depending on the price and transportation cost of the litter. This article explains how to estimate the value of poultry litter and offers recommendations for proper storage.

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