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K-State recommendations for soybean planting dates and maturity group

Planting date is one of the primary management practices that can greatly influence soybean yield potential. Learn more about the Kansas planting dates and maturity groups for soybeans.

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Late planting of soybeans: Management considerations

While soybean planting is tracking ahead of last year in Kansas, there are still some areas yet to be planted. What management strategies should be considered when planting soybeans later in the season?

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K-State recommendations for soybean planting dates and maturity group

Soybeans can be planted over a wide range of dates with adequate soil moisture conditions, although germination and emergence could be reduced and/or delayed in when soil temperature is less than 60įF. Recommended maturity groups vary by region in Kansas.

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Soybean planting date and maturity group selection

This 2022 season, soybean acreage projections in Kansas are up. To maximize yields, there are some key practices we cannot overlook. This article presents some tips on selecting the best i) planting date and ii) maturity group across Kansas. After considering the effects of genetic yield potential and the environment, planting date is one of the primary management practices under the farmerís control that can highly influence soybean yields.

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Effect of early planting dates on soybean yield

Early planting dates have been promoted as a management practice that can increase soybean yield. This article summarizes research conducted in northeast and north central Kansas to determine the effect of early planting dates, seed density, and maturity group on soybean yield.

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