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The basics of blue-green algae and the risk to livestock


Use the Mesonet Animal Comfort Tool to monitor livestock conditions this summer

Monitoring summer heat stress is important to ensure healthy livestock. Don't forget about the Animal Comfort Tool, a very useful tool from the Kansas Mesonet. Learn how to find and use this resource in this article.

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Nitrate toxicity in drought-stressed corn

Drought-stressed crops such as corn and sorghum tend to accumulate high levels of nitrate in the lower leaves and stalk of the plant. It is wise for producers to test their drought-stricken forage prior to harvest.

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Check herbicide labels before using soybeans for livestock feed

Drought conditions throughout Kansas are forcing farmers to consider harvesting soybeans for forage instead of grain. Many factors should be considered when making this decision. Herbicide applications made during the growing season are one thing to consider. Many herbicide labels restrict the use of soybeans as a forage.

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