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Herbicide carryover considerations when re-cropping damaged wheat

Growers who decide to terminate their wheat crop because of poor stands or weather-related damage need to consider the persistence of herbicides applied to the wheat. Many wheat herbicides have fairly long crop rotation restrictions.

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Pre-harvest weed control in wheat

Drought and late freezes have impacted wheat stands in many areas across Kansas this year. As a results, weeds are showing up and taking advantage of thin wheat stands. What are the best options for weed control at this point in the season?

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Cover crop response to herbicides

Cover crop response to herbicides will be influenced by a number of factors, including biological and biochemical characteristics of the plant, chemical characteristics of the herbicide, and weather conditions since herbicide application.

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Herbicide carryover considerations when planting after wheat

Growers considering re-cropping wheat fields need to consider the herbicide program that was used in the wheat crop. Many wheat herbicides have fairly long crop rotation restrictions. This article lists the minimum rotation intervals for certain summer crops following selected wheat herbicides.

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