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June heat in Kansas: High temperatures can stress livestock and corn

The month of June has been hot across many locations in Kansas. The combination of heat and drought stress during certain growth stages in corn can be problematic. Read more from Cropping Specialist Ignacio Ciampitti and the Kansas Climate team.

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Heat wave for the weekend: Update on high temperatures and heat stress

The Climate Prediction Center and the National Weather Service have issued heat outlooks for the weekend and continuing through the end of July. Even western portions of Kansas can expect elevated dew points and increased low temperatures.

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Management options for stressed corn

Where dryland corn has been under severe drought or heat stress, producers have to decide whether to leave it and harvest for grain, salvage the crop for silage or hay, or leave the crop in the field for its residue value. Learn more about each of these options in this article.

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Use the Mesonet Animal Comfort Tool to monitor livestock conditions this summer

Summer brings the heat, often amplified by higher humidity. Warmer-than-normal temperatures, especially at night, can cause heat stress to develop rapidly in livestock. The Kansas Mesonet has an Animal Comfort Tool that can help monitor conditions and aid farmers in making the best management decisions.

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Heat stress can elevate the risk of pest damage to summer crops

As we face an extended period of high temperatures across Kansas, often exacerbated by strong winds, farmers should remain conscious of how heat stress can elevate the risk posed to summer crops by various pests.

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Critical timing in Kansas: High temperatures and corn development

The July heatwave came at a particularly critical period for the Kansas corn crop this year. Heat stress will have more of an impact on corn during the reproductive stage of growth when combined with drought stress. Stress conditions were very severe in parts of central, south central, and southeast Kansas.

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Drought and heat stress in Kansas corn fields

Since the end of June, rainfall has been sporadic and uneven across Kansas. In central and western Kansas, several corn fields under dryland conditions have been suffering a combination of drought and heat stress. Common symptoms of drought/heat stress in corn are discussed in this article.

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Drought and heat stress in Kansas soybean fields

Dryland soybean fields have started to experience heat stress combined with long periods without rainfall. This article reviews potential symptoms of drought and heat stress on soybeans. Producers should scout their fields for signs of stress in order to make timely decisions as the growing season progresses.

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Effects of high temperatures on wheat

Wheat is generally sensitive to unusually high temperatures at nearly every stage of growth, being more sensitive in the reproductive stages than in the vegetative stages. High temperatures occurred when much of Kansas' wheat crop was either in the heading or flowering stages. This timing is a cause of concern and has resulted in many symptoms of heat stress

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Kansas Mesonet animal comfort forecast product now available

It has been a year since a major cattle loss event occurred in southwest Kansas. Producers were caught off guard by a sudden transition from cool/wet to hot conditions. As a result, the Kansas Mesonet has collaborated with producers and researchers to provide a forecast product that will predict the potential for animal loss.

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Corn development in Kansas during recent high temperatures

Kansas is in the midst of an impressive heat wave. The impact of this heat is causing concern, particularly related to corn development. This article compares this growing season to conditions in 2022, looking at the number of Stress Degree Days. What does this period of heat stress mean for the yield potential?

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Drought and heat stress impacts on soybeans in Kansas

Over the last week, impressive heat has taken hold of Kansas with absolutely no precipitation statewide. Dryland soybean fields are experiencing significant heat and drought stress. This article covers important information related to this stress, including the yield impacts and the use of failed soybeans as a forage.

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Kansas Mesonet Animal Comfort Tool monitors current and forecasted livestock conditions

Summer brings heat, often amplified by humidity. When heat stress develops with hot, sunny, and humid conditions, increased proactive steps are required to avoid potential illness in livestock. The Kansas Mesonet has an Animal Comfort Tool that tracks current heat stress values with real-time data and looks ahead at the 7-day forecast.

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