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Fall soil testing of hay fields and pasture

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Fertilization of tall fescue and smooth bromegrass pastures and hayfields

There is still time to apply fertilizer to tall fescue and smooth bromegrass meadows and pastures. The amount and timing of application depends on several factors. Read about those factors and other consideration in this article.

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Fall soil testing of hay fields and pastures

Soil testing can be done in either spring or fall on hay fields and pasture. Soil sampling on a regular basis (every 3 – 4 years) can save money and reduce environmental impacts of overapplying fertilizer or manure.

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Fall soil testing of hayfields and pastures

Fall is an excellent time to perform soil testing of pastures and hayfields. Testing in the fall allows more time for any needed lime applications before the main growing season and allows flexibility for planning fertilizer applications.

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Options for damaged or dead brome hayfields

This past year was challenging for brome producers throughout eastern Kansas. Many producers have reported partial or total loss of their brome stands. What are the best options for these fields with spring just a couple months away?

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Herbicides for damaged brome hayfields

The fall of 2021 was hard for brome growers. Decisions will need to be made about whether to replant or wait and hope for regrowth. When considering the best weed control option, this article offers recommendations for brome fields.

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