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Effect of low temperatures on summer row crops

Extreme low temperatures were recorded in western Kansas this week. What are the potential impacts to corn, soybean, and grain sorghum in that part of the state moving forward?

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Soil versus air temperatures: Understanding the relationship

During the bitterly cold period in mid-February, air temperatures dropped as low as -30 F in some locations. Soil temperatures, however, did not get near that cold. Several interacting factors control soil temperature flux. Learn some basic principles about soil temperature changes in this article.

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Risk of freeze injury to Kansas wheat for April 20-22, 2021

Several factors interact to influence the degree of freeze damage to wheat. Some of these factors are wheat growth stage, air temps, duration of cold weather, soil temps, snow cover, landscape position, and crop residue. Where does the KS wheat crop stand after this latest bout of cold weather?

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Spring freeze effects on weed management

The recent cold weather have prompted concerns about the effectiveness of burndown herbicide applications. Will herbicide applications made in recent days be effective? Here are some factors that could influence the outcome on your farm.

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Some areas in Kansas are still waiting for the first freeze

Several locations across Kansas have passed 200 days since recording freezing temperatures. For some of these places, this will set the record for the latest freeze. Learn more about the climatology of late freezes and the impacts of extended growing seasons in this article.

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Kansas Mesonet fall freeze and winter cold tool available

With freezing temperatures in the forecast for much of northwest and north central Kansas, the Kansas Mesonetís Freeze Monitor is now available for the 2023 fall frost/freeze season. The Freeze Monitor is a handy tool to check conditions in your area. Have freezing conditions been recorded? How does it compare to the average? How many hours below freezing was your area?

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Injury symptoms from freeze damage to wheat

The recent cold temperatures experienced during March 26-27 were enough to cause freeze damage to winter wheat in parts of Kansas. The actual freeze damage will be region-specific depending on the crop growth stage and the duration of minimum temperatures. In this article, we discuss the individual conditions that might help growers prioritize fields to be assessed for injury symptoms.

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