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Cooler weather brings the return of the Mesonet Freeze Monitor

Cooler weather has brought the return of the Mesonet Freeze Monitor. This is a very useful tool! It displays the coldest temperatures during the previous 24 hours at all Mesonet stations and tracks the duration of the cold temperatures. Check it out!

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Measuring the Arctic outbreak on the Mesonet

The Mesonet Freeze Monitor tool has been updated with new features to help answer some common questions associated with the record-breaking cold temperatures across Kansas this week. Learn about the features in this article from the Kansas Mesonet team.

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The Mesonet Freeze Monitor is back with new features

The first fall freeze for 2021 occurred today, October 14, in portions of northwest Kansas. The Freeze Monitor Tool from the Kansas Mesonet is back and available for free. New tracking features have been added for this fall. Check out this useful resource available online.

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Kansas Mesonet fall freeze and winter cold tool available

The morning of October 8 saw the first fall freeze in the state occurring in northeast Kansas. Now that cooler temperatures are starting to arrive, don't forget about the Kansas Mesonet's Freeze Monitor tool. The Freeze Monitor is a handy tool to check the conditions in your area. This article describes all the features and how to get the most of this free online resource.

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Kansas Mesonet fall freeze and winter cold tool available

With freezing temperatures in the forecast for much of northwest and north central Kansas, the Kansas Mesonetís Freeze Monitor is now available for the 2023 fall frost/freeze season. The Freeze Monitor is a handy tool to check conditions in your area. Have freezing conditions been recorded? How does it compare to the average? How many hours below freezing was your area?

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