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Summer growing season screeches to a halt in Kansas

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Sorghum development and potential freeze injury

Will the remaining sorghum reach maturity before the first freeze? Find out the answer and what factors are involved in this article from Cropping Systems Specialist Ignacio Ciampitti.

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Diagnosis of early spring freeze injury on wheat

Much of the wheat growing region of Kansas recently experienced a cold snap, with temperatures dropping well below freezing. There are a number of factors that determine freeze damage in wheat. Read more in this article.

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Possible impacts of the recent cold temperatures to the Kansas wheat crop

The sharp drop in temperatures across Kansas observed in this past week could have different consequences to the wheat crop. Parts of Kansas saw temps fall as low as 0 degrees F. Which fields were the most vulnerable?

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Some areas in Kansas are still waiting for the first freeze

Several locations across Kansas have passed 200 days since recording freezing temperatures. For some of these places, this will set the record for the latest freeze. Learn more about the climatology of late freezes and the impacts of extended growing seasons in this article.

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Managing forages after a hard freeze

Freezing temperatures change plant metabolism and composition, and different forage species respond differently to cold stress. Damaging frosts significantly reduce forage quality in most forage species and can create possible feeding-related issues for livestock.

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How common are spring freezes after April 1 in Kansas?

After a cold March, April started out warm in Kansas. This report discusses the likelihood of varying thresholds of freezing temperatures in Kansas after April 1. The impact of low temperatures on newly emerged crops will vary depending on how low the temperature drops, the duration of the low temperatures, and other factors.

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