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Maximizing the value of harvested forages: Considerations on proper storage of round bales

Harvesting forages for future use during the winter feeding period or during periods of drought represents a significant cost outlay for cattle operations. Learn tips on how to properly store round bales in order to maximize their value and reduce loss.

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Testing methods for nitrates in forages

When making harvesting or feeding decisions for forages that have potentially accumulated nitrates, our tendency is to want immediate answers. Laboratory analysis is by far the best test of nitrate toxicity. Two types of quick tests exist, and it is important to understand the limitations of these tests when considering their use.

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Managing forages after a hard freeze

Freezing temperatures change plant metabolism and composition, and different forage species respond differently to cold stress. Damaging frosts significantly reduce forage quality in most forage species and can create possible feeding-related issues for livestock.

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