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2021 spring wildfire outlook for Kansas

The spring wildfire season in Kansas typically runs from February to April and can be highly variable. The 2020 fire season was below average. What can we expect for 2021?

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Be aware of fire weather conditions during prescribed burning season

The prescribed burning season in Kansas has started. However, dry conditions in Kansas, along with adequate fuel, increases the chances of wildfire when coupled with warm temperatures, high winds, and low humidity. Learn when not to burn and how to plan a safe prescribed burn.

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Fire season outlook for 2022-2023

Large fires have already occurred in Kanss this fall. However, the official start of Kansas fire season is typically considered a few days following the first freeze. The beginning of this week (Oct.16-17) featured the first freeze statewide and most of the vegetation/fuels are now available. There are some factors to consider about the upcoming fire season in Kansas.

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Kansas fire season is here

Wildfire season in Kansas is here. Conditions into spring will become increasingly conducive for wildfires in the western Flint Hills and central/western Kansas. Wildfires are a real risk for Kansas even with recent moisture. It's ijmportant to take proper precautions to prevent fire starts and limit fire spread.

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