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Learn the difference between fire weather watches and red flag warnings

Portions of Kansas have already been under a Red Flag Warning this year. What exactly does that mean? How is that different from a Fire Weather Watch? Read about these two designations in this article.

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Fire season outlook for 2022-2023

Large fires have already occurred in Kanss this fall. However, the official start of Kansas fire season is typically considered a few days following the first freeze. The beginning of this week (Oct.16-17) featured the first freeze statewide and most of the vegetation/fuels are now available. There are some factors to consider about the upcoming fire season in Kansas.

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Tips for safe and successful prescribed burning this spring

The prescribed burning season in Kansas has started. This article discusses reasons for conducting a prescribed burn and ways to have a safe and successful prescribed burn when much of the state in a heightened state for wildfires. There are also some online tools and resources that will be useful when planning a prescribed burn.

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Planting winter canola? Be aware of rotation restrictions with herbicides

Recent developments associated with market opportunities for winter canola may lead to increased planting in the fall of 2023. As you make seeding plans, consider the herbicides you use in your summer crops. This article highlights some herbicides used for summer crops that may or may not have rotation restrictions for canola.

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