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Kansas weather - Early fall 2020 outlook

The first outlooks for early Fall 2020 in Kansas have been released. What can we expect as we look toward August, September, and October in terms of rainfall and temperatures? Learn what the early predictions are in this article from the Kansas Climate Team.

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Fall weather outlook for Kansas and the science behind the predications

As August begins to wind down, the Climate Prediction Center has released the 2021 Fall Outlook. What is the prediction for Kansas? How are these outlooks determined and how reliable are they? This article will help answer those questions.

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2022 Fall Weather Outlook for Kansas

September is almost here and with it comes questions about the fall weather forecast. This article discusses where the state is at with regard to precipitation deficits. What are the chances that the next three months will see significant and much needed rainfall?

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2022 fall weather outlook for Kansas

Kansas continues to see prolonged drought and warm temperatures through the fall. This article discusses the science behind the weather patterns this last year in Kansas and looks ahead to the end of the year and into 2023. What can we expect moving into the last 3 months? Will 2023 start differently than the last couple of years?

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Looking ahead - The 2023 Fall Weather Outlook for Kansas

After a third heatwave this summer, there are a lot of questions about what the fall will provide in terms of harvest and planting weather. In this article, we will provide a very brief weather summary of the past, a look at the current, and how that all plays a role in the coming months.

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