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Learn the facts about lightning and how to stay safe

As summer thunderstorm season approaches, make sure you know the facts about how lightning can travel. Learn the best strategies for keeping safe, including what to do if you are working outside in a remote area with no immediate access to a safe structure.

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Weather conditions during the cattle loss event in southwest Kansas in mid-June 2022

This article examines the weather conditions in southwest Kansas during the recent extreme heat wave. Specifically, this article discusses the Kansas Mesonet Cattle Comfort Index and how this weather event led to cattle losses in certain locations in southwest Kansas.

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Significant cold is coming - Monitor livestock conditions using the Animal Comfort Tool

The winter of 2023-2024 has been mild thus far, but much colder conditions are in the forecast. These much colder conditions will likely negatively impact cattle, particularly calves. The Kansas Mesonet's Animal Comfort Tool can aid in decision management with the evaluation of current conditions and the seven-day forecast. Both are critical as the recent warmer-than-normal temperatures have not allowed cattle to adjust to colder conditions.

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