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Updated wheat fungicide publication for 2020

The KSRE publication "Foliar Fungicide Efficacy for Wheat Disease Management" has been updated for 2020. Check out this valuable resource when deciding on a fungicide application to wheat.

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Foliar fungicide efficacy ratings for wheat disease management

The K-State Research and Extension publication Foliar Fungicide Efficacy for Wheat Disease Management has been updated for 2023. The recommendations in this publication reflect several years of head-to-head comparisons of products in Kansas and many other wheat producing states.

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Wheat seed treatment considerations in 2023

Seed treatments are an important part of wheat production in Kansas. An updated version of the K-State publication MF2955, Seed Treatment Fungicides for Wheat Disease Management 2023 is now available. It is important to make sure the seed treatment chosen matches the diseases and pests you are looking to control.

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