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Fall armyworm infestations in early-planted wheat in central Kansas

There have been some heavy infestations of fall armyworms in early-planted wheat in central Kansas, with some plantings completely destroyed. Read more about the best options at this point in the season and how to distinguish between fall armyworm and true armyworm in this article.

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Planting wheat too early can lead to several problems

Early sowing of wheat can lead to several problems, from increased chances of insect- or mite-transmitted viral diseases to decreased emergence due to high temperatures and its consequences on wheat germination of particular varieties and reduced coleoptile length.

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Wheat planting: Be cautious of planting too early

Early sowing of wheat can lead to several problems. Ideally, growers should consider planting around the optimum window. However, if planting early due to moisture availability or a dual-purpose system, growers should consider selecting wheat varieties with tolerance to the major yield-reducing factors in their respective regions. Learn more in this article.

wheat optimum planting dates wheat planting early-planted wheat