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Update on dicamba applicator training for 2019

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Review of herbicide label requirements: Dicamba

This article is the first in a series reviewing unique or updated label requirements for key herbicides. Certain dicamba products were approved for post-emergence control of weeds in Xtend Soybean in 2017. The labels for these products include some additional requirements intended to reduce the potential for non-target injury caused by herbicide drift.

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Dicamba application training opportunities in 2020

Face-to-face dicamba application training opportunities, sponsored by agrichemical companies, are available at various locations throughout Kansas in the coming months. Dates and locations are listed in this article from Sarah Lancaster, Weed Science Extension Specialist.

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Opportunities for on-line training certification for dicamba and paraquat

For producers that intend to use Xtend cotton or soybean in 2020, you will need to have an additional dicamba-specific certification to apply dicamba-containing products labeled for use in these crops. Online training is available.

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Federal court vacates registration of some dicamba herbicide labels

On June 3, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco issued a decision that nullifies the current labels for Engenia, FeXapan, and XtendiMax herbicides. Weed Science Specialist Sarah Lancaster discusses this decision and what is known at this point.

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Update: Farmers and custom applicators can spray over-the-top dicamba products through July 31

This article briefly outlines new information from the EPA concerning the cancellation order of dicamba made by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. More information will be coming as it becomes available.

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Registered dealers in Kansas can sell over-the-top dicamba product to end users

On Wednesday, June 10, the Kansas Department of Agriculture provided clarification of the impact of the EPA cancellation order for Engenia, FeXapan, and XtendiMax product labels.

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Considerations for applications of over-the-top dicamba formulations

It is that time of year again for post-emergent applications of Engenia, Fexapan, and Xtendimax on dicamba-resistant soybeans. In light of the recent court ruling, it is vital that application restrictions are followed closely to prevent non-target dicamba injury to conventional, Enlist, and Liberty Link soybeans.

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Dicamba update: XtendFlex soybeans gain final approval

XtendFlex soybeans gained approval for use in the U.S. for the 2021 season. XtendFlex soybeans allow over-the-top application of glyphosate, specific dicamba-containing herbicides, and glufosinate (Liberty).

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EPA approves labels for over-the-top dicamba application

On October 27, 2020, the EPA issued approval for three labels for over-the-top dicamba application. The labels will be effective until 2025. More details are included in this article.

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UPDATED - EPA approves labels for over-the top dicamba application

The article has been updated slightly from the original version published on October 30. Stay up -to-date on the recent EPA ruling concerning certain over-the-top dicamba products.

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Using game theory to understand social aspects of weed management decisions

Game theory is an economic tool that can be used to understand decision making in circumstances where uncertainty exists. This article examines the outcomes when applying game theory to farmers' decisions related to soybean weed management.

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2021 Kansas training information for paraquat and dicamba

This article covers frequently asked questions associated with paraquat and dicamba trainings for the state of Kansas in 2021.

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Cut-off dates for XtendiMax, Engenia, and Tavium applications

Don't forget that the 2021 labels for over-the-top applications of herbicides containing dicamba have cut-off dates. For soybeans, this cut-off is just around the corner. Applications to cotton have a few weeks longer. Read more in this short article from Sarah Lancaster.

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Dicamba training options in 2022

Anyone spraying XtendiMax, Engenia, or Tavium is required to have training each year prior to using these products. These products are restricted use pesticides and can only be applied by certified applicators.

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Cut-off dates approaching for XtendiMax, Engenia, and Tavium applications

Farmers planning to apply XtendiMax, Engenia, or Tavium to their dicamba-resistant soybean have about two weeks remaining to make those herbicide applications. These are the only dicamba-containing products labeled for over-the-top use in dicamba-resistant soybean and cotton. The last day these products can legally be applied to soybean is June 30. The cut-off date for cotton is July 30.

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2023 Kansas training information for paraquat and dicamba

This article provides answers to frequently asked questions associated with paraquat and dicamba trainings in Kansas for 2023. This information is made available by the K-State Pesticide Safety and IPM Program.

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Kansas training information for dicamba in 2023

This article discusses some frequently asked questions regarding dicamba training for pesticide applicators in Kansas for 2023. This information is made available by the K-State Pesticide Safety and Integrated Pest Management Program.

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