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Virtual crop scouting school now available

The Crop Protections Network has brought together specialists from 11 universities in the Midwest to create the 2021 Virtual Crop Scout School. This school offers 22 webinars on a variety of topics. Two specialists at K-State are among the webinar presenters. Learn more about this free training resource!

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Virtual crop scouting school now available

The 2021 Virtual Crop Scout School is now available and is free to the general public. The scout school consists of 22 webinars from crop protection specialists at eleven Midwest Universities and is offered through the Crop Protection Network.

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First report of southern rust in Kansas for 2021

Southern rust has been detected in southern Kansas. This is the first confirmed report in Kansas for this growing season. Corn producers are encouraged to be actively scouting their fields. This disease can spread quickly if temperature and humidity are high.

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Weed management practices: Fall scouting for weeds

Weeds that escape control by in-season management practices can cause several problems, including the possibility of reduced harvest efficiency and crop yield. Scouting for weeds at harvest is an important practice for planning future weed management.

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Fungicide considerations for corn diseases in 2022

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Weed management practices: Fall scouting and equipment cleaning

Weed management encompasses more than controlling actively growing weeds. Farmers can be proactive to help prevent the future spread of weeds. Two different management practices are discussed in this article: fall scouting for weed escapes and equipment cleaning.

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