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Rate of dry down in corn before harvest

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Soybean dry down rate before harvest

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Rate of dry down in sorghum before harvest

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Update - Forecasting corn yields for Kansas for 2018

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Kansas wheat crop update - March 8, 2019

The 2018-2019 Kansas wheat crop is a study in contrast, with essentially two separate crops (Figure 1). About 50% of the Kansas wheat crop was planted in a timely manner and benefited from ample fall moisture. These fields are usually well developed and, with the ample profile moisture, likely have a high yield potential.

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Corn planting progress for Kansas and other Corn Belt states

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Plant analysis for testing nutrient levels in corn

Plant analysis is an excellent in-season “quality control” tool. It can be especially valuable for managing secondary and micronutrients that do not have high-quality, reliable soil tests available, and for providing insight into how efficiently you are using applied nutrients.

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Update on winter wheat growth and development in Kansas

Despite sowing this year's wheat on time, the amount of wheat emerged is below average. Reasons for the delayed emergence include below-average precipitation and temperatures during the fall. Producers can assess their wheat crop in a few different ways. Find out more in this article from Dr. Lollato, Wheat Specialist.

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Update on Kansas wheat 2021: A tale of two crops

The condition of the Kansas wheat crop depends largely on the region and when it was planted. Fields planted later struggled with a lack of rainfall in October and November. What effect did the extreme cold snap in February have on the crop? Read more in this article from wheat specialist Romulo Lollato.

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