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Options and management strategies for freeze-damaged wheat

Producers whose wheat crop has suffered severe freeze damage have some difficult decisions to make. This article discusses some options and management tips for freeze damaged wheat.

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Side-dress nitrogen applications for corn: Agronomic considerations and a new crop insurance endorsement

A common concern with side-dress nitrogen applications occurs when producers are unable to apply nitrogen due to wet or poor soil conditions. To help mitigate this risk, the Risk Management Agency (RMA) announced a new crop insurance option (“endorsement”) for northeast Kansas corn farmers who split-apply nitrogen.

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Annual Forage Insurance Update and Examples

Annual Forage (AF) insurance is a rainfall index product similar to Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage Insurance (PRF). Alfalfa and perennial range can be insured under PRF. If you grow annual crops for forage (this includes annual crops used for grazing, haying, grazing/haying, grain/grazing, green chop, grazing/green chop, or silage), AF can be used to help insure against reduced forage yield due to less precipitation than normal during the producer-selected growing season. When rainfall falls below a set amount, a payout is provided.

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Value of forage insurance during drought

Over two-thirds of all Kansas counties are experience extreme or exceptional drought. Cattle producers can take several actions to mitigate the impact of drought, including purchasing forage insurance, or Pasture, Rainfall, Forage (PRF) insurance. In this article, we discuss what the PRF is and report PRF payouts to-date by drought status for all 105 Kansas counties.

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Crop insurance research survey available for corn producers

Row crop farmers with at least 100 acres of corn in 2021 or 2022 are needed to take a research survey on crop insurance. The survey covers some basic questions about their operation and hypothetical crop insurance decisions. Completing the survey only takes about 30 minutes.

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Annual Forage Insurance: New Policy Options and 2022 Performance

Annual Forage (AF) insurance is a rainfall index product for annual crops produced for forage. The deadline to purchase AF for any annual forage crop produced over the next calendar year is July 15. The USDA Risk Management Agency recently announced several changes to AF, that were designed to increase flexibility for producers. Learn more in this article.

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Extreme heat and Kansas farm income

Moderate or severe drought is prevailing through much of the Corn Belt and many areas of Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska are experiencing extreme drought. New research is summarized in this article on the impact of extreme heat and the profitability of Kansas farms.

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