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Effect of low temperatures on summer row crops

Extreme low temperatures were recorded in western Kansas this week. What are the potential impacts to corn, soybean, and grain sorghum in that part of the state moving forward?

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Soybean dry down rate before harvest

Soybeans reach final maturity at a relatively high water content. Dry down rates depends on a few factors such as the maturity group, planting date, and environmental conditions at the end of the season.

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First hollow stem update: March 26, 2021

Cattle should be removed from wheat pastures when the crop reaches first hollow stem. Since the last update from the K-State Extension Wheat and Forages team on March 23, a few more varieties have reached this growth stage.

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Corn development in Kansas during recent high temperatures

Kansas is in the midst of an impressive heat wave. The impact of this heat is causing concern, particularly related to corn development. This article compares this growing season to conditions in 2022, looking at the number of Stress Degree Days. What does this period of heat stress mean for the yield potential?

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2024 Kansas wheat: Crop conditions and risk of freeze injury

Cold air temperatures occurred during March 26-27 across Kansas, which could potentially cause freeze injury to the 2024 Kansas wheat crop. Several factors influence the potential for freeze injury. The challenge is integrating all these factors into a reasonable estimate of freeze injury. Learn more in this article.

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