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Sorghum development and potential freeze injury

Grain sorghum maturity is significantly ahead of last year and close to the 5-year average. What effect did the early September cold snap have on crop development? Will the remaining sorghum reach maturity before the first freeze? Read more here from K-State Agronomy.

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Possible impacts of the recent cold temperatures to the Kansas wheat crop

The sharp drop in temperatures across Kansas observed in this past week could have different consequences to the wheat crop. Parts of Kansas saw temps fall as low as 0 degrees F. Which fields were the most vulnerable?

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Arctic weather is coming - Monitor livestock conditions using Cattle Comfort Tool

A blast of arctic air will settle on Kansas in early February. These bitter cold temperatures can result in negative impacts on cattle, especially calves. Monitor conditions using the Cattle Comfort Tool from the Kansas Mesonet.

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Potential for winterkill to the Kansas wheat crop

The extremely cold temperatures observed in Kansas in mid-February have the potential to cause winterkill to the winter wheat crop. Several factors come into play when talking about potential winterkill. Read more here from K-State wheat specialist Romulo Lollato.

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Factors involved in winter survival of canola in Kansas

Winter survival of canola in Kansas is a complicated issue. Stand losses can be caused by one or more abiotic and biotic factors. Learn more about those factors and how to assess your winter canola stand in this article from K-State canola breeder Mike Stamm and farming systems specialist Ignacio Ciampitti.

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The Mesonet Freeze Monitor is back with new features

The first fall freeze for 2021 occurred today, October 14, in portions of northwest Kansas. The Freeze Monitor Tool from the Kansas Mesonet is back and available for free. New tracking features have been added for this fall. Check out this useful resource available online.

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A closer look at normal low temperatures for Kansas

If you are already countin the days until warmer weather, this article is worth your read! A hopeful sign for spring is when the normal low temperatures start to rise. This article takes a closer look at when normal low temperatures begin increasing at several locations across Kansas.

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A comparison of three historical mid-February cold outbreaks in Kansas

On average, January is the coldest month of the year in Kansas, and December is the second coldest. Temperatures begin to warm in February. However, some of the all-time coldest temperatures in Kansas have happened in the month of February. This article dives into the weather archives from over a century ago.

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How common are spring freezes after April 1 in Kansas?

After a cold March, April started out warm in Kansas. This report discusses the likelihood of varying thresholds of freezing temperatures in Kansas after April 1. The impact of low temperatures on newly emerged crops will vary depending on how low the temperature drops, the duration of the low temperatures, and other factors.

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Significant cold is coming - Monitor livestock conditions using the Animal Comfort Tool

The winter of 2023-2024 has been mild thus far, but much colder conditions are in the forecast. These much colder conditions will likely negatively impact cattle, particularly calves. The Kansas Mesonet's Animal Comfort Tool can aid in decision management with the evaluation of current conditions and the seven-day forecast. Both are critical as the recent warmer-than-normal temperatures have not allowed cattle to adjust to colder conditions.

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Wind chill analysis tool from Kansas Mesonet

The forecast for the coming week consists of bitter cold air, the coldest of the winter season thus far. The “feels like” temperature is also usually influenced by the wind. This article discusses how wind chill values are estimated and why monitoring during the winter is important. The Kansas Mesonet offers a wind chill analysis tool. Check it out.

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