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Chinch bugs are active in Kansas

Chinch bugs have historically been a problem in Kansas. In agriculture, they are mainly a problem in sorghum. However, they can also affect corn and occasionally wheat. This article addresses chinch bug activity across portions of Kansas and recommendations for treatment.

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Identification of Chinch Bugs and False Chinch Bugs

With the elevated chinch bug activity in central Kansas right now, this is a good time to discuss some differences between chinch bugs and false chinch bugs. In order to make proper management decisions, knowing how to correctly identify these insects is critical. Learn more in this article from Extension Entomologist Anthony Zukoff.

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Chinch bug activity in Kansas

In Kansas, chinch bugs are a perennial pest of just about any grass. In crops, they mainly affect grain sorghum but are occasionally problematic in corn and wheat. This is primarily due to timing. As wheat begins drying out, the bugs seek a new food source, often an adjacent field of seedling sorghum.

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