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Update on insect activity in alfalfa - Fall armyworms, armyworms, and alfalfa caterpillars

Worm activity has been elevated for a large portion of Kansas for the last three weeks. A combination of fall armyworms, armyworms, and alfalfa caterpillars have been feeding in alfalfa fields. Learn what options are available for control in this article.

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Insect update: The Year of the Worm

Kansans, particularly those that farm or tend their lawns, might end up remembering 2021 as the "Year of the Worm". Here is the latest fall worms update from Extension Entomology.

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Fall armyworm activity in Kansas

Fall armyworm can damage several important Kansas crops as well as pasture, turf, and home landscaping. Two full generations are possible in Kansas with defoliation and grain damage being the biggest concerns. The first detected fall armyworm for the season was on June 16 in the Central Kansas district.

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